Two building site tours in a row! Check out the site safety management and exquisite components from Jinhuan

2020-05-29 AUTHOR: CATEGORY:Group news KEY WORDS:Southeast Zhihui City, safety management, double control, steel structure, Jinhuan

Joined by Yuhua Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, CSCEC City Construction Development Co., Ltd, the general contractor of “Southeast Zhihui City Project”, held two conferences both with the theme of "Safe Production" on May 27th and 28th, 2020.

Located in Shijiazhuang City, Southeast Zhihuicheng project is a high-rise community with a few of buildings’ height over 200 meters. The planning is to build 63 residential towers and 540,000 square meters commercial complex. The skylight of No.2 commercial complex is curved structure with the maximum span of 43 meters.

Jinhuan Construction Group was granted the contract of production and installation of steel structure for T1-T4 towers, the most important commercial complex of the project. During the conferences, Jinhuan presented our safety protection and control measures during the site construction, such as steel structure installation platform and protection net for the skylight roof construction.